Green dragon eye

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on 23.11.2018

Please forward this error screen to 66. Do blue-eyed gals really have more fun? Are brown-eyed gents green dragon eye more intelligent? People have been fascinated with eye color for centuries.

Eye color, whether green, blue, brown or hazel, is a truly individual phenomena, resulting entirely from genetics. There is much mystery and marvel surrounding the human eye. When it comes down to it your genetics ultimately influences your eye color. While most people consider the basic eye colors to be brown, blue, hazel and green, there are actually many variants. Brown eyes range from light brown or honey to almost black. Hazel Eyes — This color combination is a mix of green and brown eyes.

Hazel eyes are most common in people of European descent. Blue Eyes — Blue eyes are quite rare and are becoming less common. This eye color is often found among people of European descent. There are many rumors existing about eye color.

Some people say for example that brown eyes are a symbol of intelligence, whereas blue eyes are more a sign of sweetness and sensitivity. Green eyes are often associated with a sensual personality or mischievous spirit. If you have the chance, at some time or another, you should consider changing your eye color. This is a simple and fun way to enhance your appearance or accessorize your look without spending a fortune on make up or jewelry. Is Your Baby A Blue Eyed Girl Or Blue Eyed Boy?

Is Eye Color A Clue To Paternity? Eye Color And Love — There is a lot of myth and mystery surrounding eye color and love. Color Contact Lenses — Change your eye color even if you have perfect vision! Special Effects Contact Lenses — Great for Halloween or just for fun! Available in all-black, glow-in-the-dark, heart-shaped and more. Animal Style Contact Lenses — Whether you want cat eyes, dragon eyes, or zebra print, these might be for you.